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The Preparation For Assembly

The preparing work before diesel generator assembly including preparation of diesel generator parts and assembly, assembly environment preparation, assembly platform and job card measuring tool preparation, etc., only to be prepared for the assembly before, can be smoothly and reliably assembly engines.

1, diesel engine assembly personnel should wash their hands and put on clean clothes, working cap and gloves, clean the work site; Environment should be no dust.

2, prepare for assembly tools, fixtures, measuring tool and special tools; All tools shall be clean and neat in a fixed position, in the assembly should be put back in place after use; Ready for compressed air, pneumatic wrench and the spare oil.

3, prepare all parts, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, oil pump, water pump, fuel pump, fuel pump, oil filter, timing gear and the intermediate shaft and other parts assembly, all components shall be cleaned thoroughly, and assembling and debugging qualified according to the requirements of technology.

4, prepare all fasteners, lock parts, gasket, washer, sealing gasket, and various parts of the required to rust removal and clean.

5, clean diesel generator engine blocks, especially on the cylinder block and crankshaft oil duct should be cleaned again, and compressed air to blow dry.

6, check and cleaning, lubrication, the friction surface.

The Assembly Of The Technical Specification

1, measuring cylinder diameter, reasonable selecting piston and piston ring; Piston ring can’t put wrong order, can’t put wrong directions; Measuring the crankshaft main journal and the connecting rod journal, selecting suitable main bearing and connecting rod bearing.
2, the crankshaft bearing and connecting rod bearing and its lining shall not misplace and packing; Check the group of piston connecting rod assembly quality is very poor. Assembly bearing to order number, may not be wrong.
3, the crankshaft bearing cap and connecting rod bearing cap and flywheel bolts and tighten the screw should be in accordance with the order and direction.
4, the assembly of the locking device must be set up, to ensure the reliable locking.
5, when assembling the cylinder head bolt, screw the nut, the oil pan on bearing to the moment of correction to the standard, in accordance with the terms of the number of torque.
6, in accordance with the provisions, pack good timing gear system.
7, in accordance with the provisions, pack good fuel injection pump, adjust injection timing.
8, to ensure the firmness of the mating parts, contact area and fit clearance;
9, guarantee the assembly mark or cooperate relationship not chaotic;
10, ensure parts fastening requirements;
11, promise not to damage parts;
12, promise not to appear “three leakage” (oil, water and air);
13, guarantee the adjustment parameters (right, decompression valve clearance clearance, oil pressure, fan belt tension, diesel engine fuel supply time, injection pressure, fuel delivery, and each cylinder oil supply variability, the gasoline engine ignition timing, platinum clearance, float chamber height, the main nozzle injection quantity, idle speed, etc.) shall conform to specified requirements.

The Main Technical Points Of The Assembly

Diesel generator assembly is an important link of diesel generator maintenance. Diesel generator assembly right after a cold mill and hot test should be successful, and with good performance. Such as tear open outfit a few times still cannot meet the requirements, not only a waste of time, wearing parts and injury. So be sure to grasp the main technical points of the diesel generator maintenance and assembly.
1, the basic knowledge and experience of the diesel generator assembly is very important, must constantly summarize and accumulation in practice.
2, assembly and assembly tools to clean, overalls, gloves should be clean, ensure no dirt into the diesel generator.
3, the rational use of tools, measuring tool and special tools, is the key to ensure the quality of assembly. Because the tools and measuring tool is an extension of the hands and sensory, only reasonably and use them properly assembling diesel generator quickly and well.
4, the assembly should be given priority to with the cylinder block on the bench, when bench should be able to turn up, down, assembly from the inside out.
5, the assembly of parts should be tested, as a qualified parts to assembly qualified diesel generators.
6, for parts with assembly position and direction, must not be wrong and backward; To have a assembly should aim at each other.
7, torque tighten all bolts and nuts shall be according to the regulations.
8, the locking parts should be in accordance with the provisions in the new and assembly.
9, fit clearance of major parts of measuring, should be adopted to conform to the technical requirements.
10, the assembly should be in the use of special tools, put an end to savage operation, to prevent damage to parts.
11, assembly lubrication surface should be coated in lubricating oil, seals and sealing plug surface should be in accordance with the provisions, glue.
12, assembly should check each moving part in coordination. After the assembly to the engine for a comprehensive test, eliminate adverse factors, to ensure the quality of assembly.

Assembly Time Can Not Be Dtained Eith Oil

1, can not be painted oil resistance hydrosphere. Besmear after oil can make the cylinder liner cooling bad, also can produce chemical corrosion resistance hydrosphere. To facilitate the installation, but with a little white paint on resistance hydrosphere or soapy water.

2, when the cylinder gasket can’t be stained with butter. Butter melt in diesel generators, burning carbon deposition, would result in a cylinder gasket seal is lax.

3, dry can’t apply the oil cylinder. Coated with oil can reduce heat effect of cylinder liner.

4, when the piston ring can’t be stained with butter. In the ring grooves butter, although can prevent ring mouth shift, easy to install, but melt the butter in diesel generators, cementation carbon deposition, increase the wear and tear, also can make the piston down elasticity.

5, when install the valve shall not butter on valve seat ring. Do this while facilitating repaired, diesel engine start, but after the start butter to melt into carbon burning, on the contrary make valve and valve seat sealing.

6, when the connecting rod can’t tile back with oil. After tile back tu oil can make the connecting rod cooling bad; You have impurities in the oil will cause the bearing shell deformation, the local clearance.

7, air filter paper filter cannot use clean diesel. If use clean diesel, on the contrary will make filter quality fiber pore blocking, and even cause diesel engine speed.

8, speed ball can’t be stained with butter. After touching the butter ball movement is not flexible, starts to fly does not open, easy to make the diesel generator speed.

9, flywheel and crankshaft with cone do not butter. Although the butter later next time diesel engine maintenance disassembly, but reduce the flywheel with the crankshaft tightness, easy to loosen the flywheel.

10, bolt, nut not with oil. Tu oil not only decreased after the bolt, nut and tighten the friction, and easy to loose.

The Assembly Considerations

First, the installation tools, measuring tool preparation is complete, well organized, preparation, the table should be clean; Second, ready to just the right amount of pad material, coating and packing and the right amount of engine oil, butter, gasoline and diesel oil; Finally, in accordance with the provisions, or all liner, screw, nut, cotter pin and lock wire, etc.

1, The body, parts and assemblies to be assembled should be cleaned, especially the oil channels of the internal combustion engine lubrication system should be thoroughly cleaned and blown.Before assembling parts or assemblies that have relative motion and friction with each other (such as cylinder liner and piston connecting rod group, shaft and bearing, etc.), clean oil should be applied. In the installation of oil pump, oil filter, to fill the oil.For the hand-started generator set, when installing the oil pump and oil filter, you can not fill the oil first and can wait for the whole machine after installation, before the test machine, with the crank shaft, unscrew the place where it can be deflated, for a while there will be oil out, it is full of oil. And for other models, such as the hand is not easy to shake, the oil pump in the oil pan is not exposed, you should fill the oil in advance.

2, To choose right tools, are not allowed to use steel hammer knocking parts surface, such as when he has to knock should pad used in soft metal or wood, rubber hammer knock, so as not to damage the surface of parts.

3, Wherever there is a certain direction and mark should be required to assemble the parts. Such as piston, connecting rod, chamfer of piston ring, the spindle watts, connecting rod and valve and so on.

4, All kinds of gaskets to be in good condition, and coated with a certain amount of butter.

5, The main shaft, connecting rod, cylinder head and the flywheel bolts, points 2 and 3 symmetrical evenly tighten, and has a specified torque, insurance device should be installed.For example, tightening the cylinder head nut, is to be on the contrary, and remove the tightening up from middle to both ends of diagonal cross. On general is three times the number stipulated torque (one is tightening, 2 it is up to the specified torque of half, three is all up to the specified torque).

6, After the moving parts are installed, they should be tested for operation to observe their operation and tightness. After all the installation is completed, the crankshaft should be turned to check whether there is any jamming of the various activities and rotating parts, and check whether there are air leaks, oil leaks and water leaks, and if there are any, they should be eliminated.

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