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How Long Is the Service Life of Diesel Generator

May 26, 2023 | Management News | 0 comments

The topic of advanced diesel generator will soon become very technical and turn a simple problem into an in-depth analysis. Our team at CCEC hopes to make this topic and surrounding topics as easy to understand as possible, which is why we have put together the common problems we encounter around advanced diesel engines.

The service life of diesel engines is how much?

Diesel engine is strong and durable machine, and its service life is longer than you expect. The average life span for the diesel engine from 400000 miles to 1000000 miles, and the average life span for the gas engine is about 200000 miles. Why is this? The design of diesel engine and gasoline engine, which means that they on engine has more space, can let more oil free flow. This allows the engine parts to run at optimal levels for a longer time. Other key factors of diesel engine durability is their overall design, and compared with other engine application purpose.

How to diagnose problems of diesel generator?

Diesel engine problems will significantly affect the life. During normal operation, a common complication of diesel engine you may encounter. Diagnosis of engine failure the most accurate method is to link engine manufacturer, to understand their ideas about the solution. In addition, there are some common problems of diesel engine.

  • Black smoke: A common feature of older locomotive engines, black smoke is a clear sign of a serious problem with a diesel engine. Black smoke can occur for a variety of reasons, such as a faulty injector pump, damaged EGR valve, or simple causes such as low operating temperature. Cleaning the air system is the first step to solving this problem, but ultimately you should consult an expert.
  • Start difficult: cold usually leads to the condition of diesel engine starting difficulty. The weather is only a matter of cause engine hard to start the catalyst. Electro-thermal plug failure, battery failure or fuel system problems may lead to a hard start or 1 cannot be started, to name a few.
  • Contaminated fuel: due to its high viscosity, high diesel fuels the possibility of contamination. Water, ash and other debris is a common fuel pollutant. Oil is a simple repair methods, but if you can’t find the problem as early as possible, you need to repair the engine to the professionals.The diesel engine problems and the solutions are difficult to solve itself. Any time you can find the engine there are serious problems, it is recommended that you hand it over to the expert or contact the manufacturer. Engine can repair, but only a professional repair correctly. Reliable for industry professionals, please consider all of your failure to cummins diesel engine. Our engine and first-class service.


How often should diesel engines be serviced?

According to the requirements of the engine performance, the frequency of the maintenance will be different. A safe practice is once every six months for diesel engine maintenance. At least, should check once a year, to ensure that everything is ok. This is not a specific rule, because of the type of diesel engine and its USES will need maintenance frequency have a significant impact on it. Cummins service manual is a good resource, it provides the maintenance plan based on the product type. Another key aspect of maintenance of diesel engine is change. For example, a travel hundreds of miles a day of long distance truck and diesel engine cars service/maintenance requirement is different, the latter only serviced once every six months. Another example of this kind of change is mining truck. They are almost all day in a very dirty environment hauling goods amazon for weeks and months, so their maintenance/service requirements will again with long-distance truck or daily commercial vehicles.

What kind of diesel engine are there?

Diesel engine type usually specified by size. A small, medium, and large diesel engine three types.

  • Small: small diesel engines are classified as maximum power output of 288 horsepower. These are field, type, four cylinder or inline six-cylinder engine. Due to their relative size and power, they are most common in small truck or car. In the three types, this is the most common diesel engines.
  • Medium: diesel engine is the upgrade version of small engines. They can produce power up to 1000 horsepower. Some V – 8 and 12 V engine belongs to this group. This engine type is typically used for heavy trucks.
  • Big: at this level, we are talking about serious power. Large diesel engines for trains, ships and other large vehicles or equipment. Their operating power more than 1000 horsepower.

Modern diesel engine clean?

Although it is well known diesel engine in the process of using emit smoke and soot pollution, but they are cleaner than you imagine. Environmental protection agency (EPA) regulations of a positive by-product is diesel engine cleaner than ever before. Because is creating more healthy, more efficient engines, they can use for 30 years or longer. Although there is no internal combustion engine (ICE) is 100% clean operation, but the concept of clean diesel oil in the CCEC and other companies have implemented for a period of time. Biodiesel is our efforts to create a way of cleaner alternative. Just like all other engine manufacturer, cummins to conform to the provisions of the EPA (or other local regulators) registered fuel engine certification.

What are the disadvantages of diesel engine?

Some faults in detail the use of a diesel engine, we think it is necessary to clarify some advantages. They provide two of the most obvious advantage is the diesel engine is more durable, more reliable than petrol engines. They do not need spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Diesel engine is better than a gasoline engine has better fuel economy. Having said that, diesel engine used in vehicles, machinery and other gasoline engine cannot perform the task of project.Most people think that use diesel engine is a major disadvantage is obviously it’s impact on the environment. EPA commented: “diesel engine emissions will lead to the formation of ground-level ozone, and thus damage to crops, trees and other vegetation. Also can produce acid rain, it will affect the soil, lakes and streams, and through the water, agricultural products, meat and fish entering the human food chain.” This is why cummins continuously devotes to the new measures, create a cleaner future for diesel engine.Although the diesel engine is the preferred in certain situations, use them but there are still some shortcomings. On the one hand, the average fuel cost of diesel engine is higher than gasoline engines. We noted above, these engine how to useMore than 30 years. This means that the engine will be harder than the similar engine work longer hours, and this will lead to expensive services to maintain good working condition.The advantages and disadvantages of gasoline and diesel more or less will come down to the actual use of individual or organization needs. For large-scale operations, in most cases requires a large diesel engine for you to use. In any case, the cooperation with cummins that manufacturers will ensure you get the best engines to meet your demand.

The use of renewable diesel diesel engine?

To answer the question of a simpler approach is to define it as “a diesel engine can use renewable diesel?” In that case, yes. Renewable diesel is suitable for diesel engines. We announced our B6.7 and L9 compatible with selection of renewable diesel engine. This kind of fuel is a big step in the right direction, related to the use of diesel can overcome the shortcomings.

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