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Maintenance of Generator Sets

May 12, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Preventive maintenance and maintenance programs are essential for backup power systems. Failure to start and run backup generator sets will result in property, business, and even personal losses. Most of the start-up and operation failures are caused by improper maintenance and insufficient charging of the battery, so Technicians should carefully formulate repair and maintenance plans. Since the standby unit is not used frequently.The maintenance cycle is divided into days, weeks, months, half a year, and a year.

Daily Maintenance:

Check the fuel, cooling and lubrication systems to see if there is any leakage.

Check whether the switching mechanism is in the automatic position.

Weekly Maintenance:

Check engine lubricating oil level and cooling level.

Check the battery charging system.

Generator set

Monthly maintenance:

Check the resistance of the air filter.

Try to start the generator set and run it for more than 30 minutes (the load should not be lower than half of the rated value). Check whether the unit has abnormal vibration, smoke and noise or leakage of coolant and fuel during operation. Regular trial operation can lubricate engine parts , Improve start-up reliability, prevent oxidation of circuit joints and deterioration of fuel.

Check the radiator for leaks or loose connections.

Check the fuel level and fuel pump condition.

Check the exhaust system for leaks or excessive resistance; drain condensate.

Check the connection of the battery cable; when the specific gravity of the battery fluid is low and 1.260, it should be charged.

• Check the ventilation resistance of the generator inlet and outlet. Check whether the maintenance tools are ready.

Semi-annual maintenance:

Check engine lubricating oil flow and bypass filter.

Replace the filter of the cooling system circuit.

Clean or replace the crankcase breathing filter.

Replace the fuel filter and drain the sediment from the fuel tank. Check the fuel hose for scratches or abrasions. Check the governor mechanism.

Check electrical safety control equipment and alarm equipment.

Remove the grease, lubricating oil, dust and other deposits of the unit.

Check power cables, electrical connections, circuit breakers and transfer switches.

Verify the starting performance and rated load capacity of the unit, check the automatic transfer switch, related switch mechanism and control parts and other components in the backup power system.


Annual maintenance:

Check radiator fan impeller, belt and water pump.

Replace the daily fuel tank breather.

Tighten the exhaust pipe and turbocharger screws.

Fasten the fixing parts of the unit.

Clean the generator power output box and control panel, check and fasten all line joints, measure and record the generator winding insulation, check the generator heater and bearings.

If the unit usually runs with no load or light load, it should be turned on for at least 3 hours. (No less than 1 hour under rated load)

The insulation condition of the generator should be tested frequently, and the insulation test at the beginning should be done before the last load, and this should be used as the benchmark for the annual test. These tests are especially necessary for medium-voltage generator sets.


The above is the method of maintenance of the generator set, I hope it will be helpful to you


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