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CCEC 50Hz Industrial Generator

CCEC generator set products can be divided into multiple series, including QSZ13 series, QSM11 series, QSNT-G series, QSX15 series, etc. Its products have the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, low emission, and high reliability, and are suitable for emergency, standby, and conventional power supply in various industrial and agricultural production, transportation, mining, construction, medical and health, and commercial services.

Compared with generator sets of other brands, the products of CCEC generator sets are about 30-50% lighter in weight, and at the same time have higher power density and better economy, which can meet the high requirements of users for power systems. CCEC is committed to providing stable and reliable high-quality power systems, providing excellent power solutions for various customers and application scenarios around the world.

Advantages of 50Hz Industrial Generator

  1. high-quality CCEC diesel engine and excellent generator are used to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the generator set.
  2. CCEC diesel engine adopts advanced fuel system and combustion technology, which makes fuel consumption more economical, thereby improving fuel economy.
  3. Equipped with an advanced control system, it can realize various functions such as automatic start-stop, protection, etc., and also has remote monitoring and data transmission functions, which is convenient for users to manage and maintain.
  4. Optional accessories such as shockproof bracket and muffler cover can effectively reduce the impact of noise and vibration, and provide users with a more comfortable working environment.
  5. The generator set can run stably in various environments and has strong adaptability. It is widely used in construction sites, mining sites, ships, power plants, hospitals, commercial centers and other fields.

Find 50Hz Industrial Generator by Series

This is the list of all series of CCEC 50Hz Industrial Generator.
Click here to find 50Hz Industrial Generator by type (Fuel System & Emission Standard).

MTA11 Industrial Generator

NTA855 Industrial Generator

KTA19 Industrial Generator

KTA38 Industrial Generator

KTA50 Industrial Generator

QSNT Industrial Generator

QSK19 Industrial Generator

QSK38 Industrial Generator

QSK50 Industrial Generator

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