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CCEC 50Hz Marine Generator

50Hz CCEC marine generator is a generator specially designed for use in boats and other vessels. It uses a Cummins diesel engine to generate electricity and is equipped with an electric cooling system that helps keep the engine at a safe operating temperature.

The 50Hz designation refers to the frequency at which the generator outputs electrical power. In many parts of the world, including Europe and Asia, the standard electrical frequency is 50Hz, so this generator is well suited for use in these areas. 50Hz CCEC marine generators are usually powered by diesel engines or gas turbines, which provide power to various onboard systems such as lighting, navigation aids and communication systems. The CCEC cooling system helps maintain a consistent operating temperature for the generator, which contributes to its reliability and longevity.

The 50Hz CCEC Marine Generator can be a reliable, efficient power source for boats and other marine applications, providing consistent performance even under demanding conditions.

As part of EMAC, ConeMac provides industrial power pack solution that integrated with air intake, air exhaust, cooling system, control system, transmission and hydraulic accessories, We also supplying special products such as explosion proof engine, generator and water pump set, as well as ultra-low temperature condition engine power pack.

Advantages of 50Hz Marine Generator

. High reliability
CCEC is a Chinese manufacturer authorized by Cummins Corporation, and the engines and generators it provides are of globally recognized high quality and reliability.

. Energy saving and environmental protection
The generator uses advanced fuel injection technology to achieve fuel economy and emission control, and to meet the stringent requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

. Easy maintenance
The generator adopts modular design, which is easy to install and maintain.

Find 50Hz Marine Generator by Series

This is the list of all series of CCEC 50Hz Marine Generator.
Click here to find 50Hz Marine Generator by type (Fuel System & Emission Standard).

NTA855 Marine Main

KTA19 Marine Main

KTA38 Marine Main

KTA50 Marine Main

NTA855 Marine Auxiliary

KTA19 Marine Auxiliary

KTA38 Marine Auxiliary

KTA50 Marine Auxiliary

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