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60Hz CCEC Industrial Generator

The 60Hz CCEC Industrial Generator is a generator designed primarily for industrial applications that require a reliable and stable power source, either to provide backup power during a power outage or as a primary power source. The generator runs at 60Hz, which is the standard frequency used in North America.

The 60Hz CCEC industrial generator is designed with a closed circuit system for effective exhaust cooling and efficient operation, ensuring consistent performance and reducing wear and tear on generator components. This design also helps to reduce noise levels during operation.

60Hz CCEC industrial generators are commonly used as backup power or primary power for critical operations such as data centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants and other facilities where a power outage could result in significant financial loss or safety risk.

The 60Hz CCEC Industrial Generator is a reliable and efficient power source ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

As part of EMAC, ConeMac provides industrial power pack solution that integrated with air intake, air exhaust, cooling system, control system, transmission and hydraulic accessories, We also supplying special products such as explosion proof Generator Set , generator and water pump set, as well as ultra-low temperature condition Generator Set power pack.

Advantages of  Industrial Generator

. Efficiency
This generator has an efficient energy conversion rate, helping users reduce energy waste and costs.

. Reliability
This generator adopts advanced design and production technology to ensure its stable, reliable operation and long life.

. Environmentally friendly
60Hz CCEC industrial generators use clean energy, reducing pollution and negative impact on the environment.

. Wide range of applications
This generator can be widely used in various industrial fields, such as medical, electric power, communication, etc., to provide customers with reliable and continuous power supply.

Find 60Hz Industrial Generator by Series

This is the list of all series of CCEC 60Hz Industrial Generator.
Click here to find 60Hz Industrial Generator by type (Fuel System & Emission Standard).

MTA11 Industrial Generator

NTA855 Industrial Generator

KTA19 Industrial Generator

KTA38 Industrial Generator

KTA50 Industrial Generator

QSNT Industrial Generator

QSK19 Industrial Generator

QSK38 Industrial Generator

QSK50 Industrial Generator

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