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The East Asia Engine R&D Center Established by CCEC was Officially Opened

Aug 25, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

Wuhan – On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between Cummins and Dongfeng, the Dongye R&D Center jointly established by the two parties was officially opened in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, marking that the cooperation between the two companies has moved from the level of product introduction and manufacturing to joint development stage. This is also the first Sino-foreign joint venture professional R&D center in China’s engine industry.

Leaders of Hubei Province, Wuhan City, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and relevant pre-employment departments, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Motor Corporation/General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation Xu Ping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Motor Corporation/Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhu Fuyingqin attended the opening ceremony, as well as Cummins President/Chief Technical Officer Hua Qiang, Cummins President/Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Hua Quansheng, Tang Mingsi President Cummins Engine Senior executives such as Yu Hongmu, chief technology officer of the business department, deputy/chairman of Don Milo Tangmings (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and general manager of the engine business in East Asia, and Liu Xiaoxing, general manager of Dongfeng Kangming Engine Company.
The completion of the Technology Center opened a new chapter in the 20-year cooperation between Cummins and Dongfeng Corporation. Since the foundation stone was laid in July last year, it took only 12 months. With the joint efforts of Kangming Institute and Dongfeng Partners, this professional R&D center built in accordance with international standards and equipped with advanced facilities has been put into use. I was fortunate enough to experience the magical charm of China’s speed again, which is really amazing: “Vice President Hua Jinsheng was very emotional at the event site.” Years of cooperation have proved that Dongfeng is one of the most reliable strategic partners of Cummins in the world . The rapid growth of Cummins’ business in China has benefited from excellent partners like Dongfeng. In the future, Cummins will continue to deepen cooperation with Dongfeng, go hand in hand, and make its own contribution to the realization of Dongfeng’s goal of becoming the first in China and the first in the world.
Wuhan Technology Center is the fourth joint venture established by Cummins and Dongfeng Company. The other three are: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., located in Anfan, Hubei, which is the second largest production base of Cummins in the world, and Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. Purifier Co., Ltd., located in Pudong, Shanghai, is a leading manufacturer of filtration systems in China; Saifan Fleetguard Non-Gas System Co., Ltd., established last year, is located in Saifan, Hubei, and produces engine exhaust systems for domestic and foreign markets.
Cummins’ technology research and development capabilities and facility construction can be traced back to the 1930s, when Cummins made many breakthroughs in truck diesel engine technology, which established the core competitiveness of Cummins in the diesel engine field. In 1968, Cummins led all diesel engine manufacturers and formally established its own large-scale technology research and development center in the United States, establishing Cummins’ leading position in the field of diesel engine technology research and development. “Hua Qiang, Chief Technology Officer of Cummins who made a special trip to the opening ceremony of Dongye R&D Center in China, emphasized in his speech.” After more than 30 years of development, in addition to traditional product development methods, Cummins is also leading the industry, with rich computer modeling analysis The method can carry out computer simulation analysis on the internal combustion model before the formal design, thereby greatly improving the research and development efficiency and shortening the development cycle.
It is reported that after the completion of the fourth phase of the construction of the East Asia R&D Center, it will become the second largest R&D institution of Cummins in the world after the US Headquarters Technology Center
Xu Ping, secretary of the party committee and general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, spoke highly of the completion of the R&D center: “The launch of the R&D center marks that the two sides have fully upgraded from the previous product introduction and manufacturing cooperation to the level of technology research and development. Through international cooperation, Dongfeng Company faces the high-end market at home and abroad, a key measure to vigorously improve the competitiveness of the company’s core technology
In his speech, General Manager Zhu Fushou of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. reviewed the 20 years of cooperation between the two parties passionately, “From the signing of an agreement between Dongfeng and Cummins in 1986, the license to produce the medium-horsepower Cummins just released in the early 1980s The flagship product – the B series engine. By 1996, the two parties deepened cooperation and jointly produced the C series engine with higher power and larger displacement. Since 2003, the two sides have deepened and expanded the cooperation scale. These two key steps have made Dongfeng’s medium and heavy The competitiveness of trucks in China and even the international market has been greatly improved. The East Asia Technology Research and Development Center officially launched today has injected new impetus into the continuous consolidation and strengthening of our international competitive advantages.

At present, Cummins Darlington R&D Center and Wuhan East Asia R&D Center are working closely together to carry out joint research and development from China IV to China VI, and gather superior forces to create low-emission, high-efficiency high-quality products. Facing the domestic and global markets, Kangming
Sri Lanka and Chinese mainframes carry out power planning in a forward-looking manner. At the beginning of product design, user needs are taken as an important guide, and through R&D cooperation, the best optimized match between power and the whole machine is ensured.

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