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The Latest Specification for Oil Storage Room In Diesel Generator Room

Jul 17, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

The oil storage room is one of the necessary facilities for the operation of diesel generators. It is mainly used to store high melting point liquids such as diesel to provide fuel for diesel generators. Therefore, when setting up the oil storage room of the diesel generator room, it should be arranged on the first floor and the first and second floors of the building. Diesel generators should use Class C diesel as fuel; non-combustible partition walls with a fire resistance rating of not less than 2.00h and non-combustible floor slabs with a fire resistance rating of 1.50h should be used to separate them from other parts, and the doors should be Class A fire doors.

Requirements for setting up the oil storage room

Choose the right location

The oil storage room should be located in the generator room, and it should be as close to the generator as possible, so as to reduce the length of the oil pipe and the head of the oil pump, thereby saving energy consumption of the system. At the same time, the oil storage room should be isolated from other equipment to ensure safety.

Choose the right material

The structural material of the oil storage room should be high-quality stainless steel, which can better prevent oil pollution and increase the service life. At the same time, hot-dip galvanized sheets should also be selected for the shell of the oil storage room to enhance anti-corrosion capabilities.

Install the ventilation system

The structure of the oil storage room of the diesel generator room must be equipped with a ventilation system, so that when the oil is stored, the temperature of the heated diesel can be effectively reduced to ensure the quality of the oil.

Install the cooling system

The cooling system of the oil storage room is also very important. In order to ensure the quality of diesel oil in the oil storage room, a constant temperature cooling system can be used to keep the temperature of the oil within a certain range.

Install fire-fighting facilities

In order to prevent fires, fire-fighting facilities must be installed in the oil storage room, such as a fire-fighting water tank, and a discharge device is installed at the diesel storage, so that in the event of a fire, the diesel oil can be discharged in time to prevent the fire screen extend.

Install monitoring system

In order to ensure the quality of diesel oil, monitoring systems such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, and flow should be installed in the oil storage room, so that the oil condition can be monitored at any time, so that measures can be taken in time to avoid the quality of diesel oil being affected.

Anti-overflow device

The nozzle set at the overflow port to maintain a certain liquid level, the cross-section of the nozzle must be sufficient so that when the fuel level exceeds, the excess liquid can quickly overflow and be discharged to the overflow barrel. To ensure the pressure balance in the fuel tank , it is necessary to use the ventilation device to connect the fuel tank with the atmosphere. Therefore, the ventilation device is provided with a ventilation pipe on the fuel tank, but in some specific cases, there is a situation where fuel is sent out, especially for the fuel supply system of large diesel generator sets. , the volume of the fuel tank is large, and the front and rear (longitudinal) distance is long; when the fuel is filled to the critical liquid level, due to the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the fuel and air, in the normal working process, due to the return of oil and the cooling of the radiator After the hot air, the heat emitted by the engine unit and other factors will cause the temperature of the fuel in the fuel tank to rise and the fuel to expand, causing the fuel to overflow from the vent pipe; no matter where the ventilator is arranged in the fuel tank, it is difficult to prevent the generator set The fuel is discharged from the breather valve at the top of the snorkel. Therefore, daily fuel tanks should be equipped with anti-overflow devices.

The above are the installation requirements for the oil room of the diesel generator room. When setting up the oil room, attention should be paid to choosing the right location, choosing the right material, installing the heater, installing the cooling system, installing the fire protection facilities and installing the monitoring system.
And other requirements, in order to be able to effectively store diesel oil and ensure the normal operation of the generator.

Storage room management

Through the formulation of control methods for oil storage rooms, to ensure the prevention of leakage, fire, explosion and other incidents, and to ensure safety, this system is specially formulated.

  • A special department is responsible for the storage management and daily safety inspection of diesel oil.
  • The amount of diesel oil purchased is generally not more than 3/4 of the oil tank (oil tank), not too much.
  • Post the sign of dangerous goods in front of the storage warehouse, and the name of the product must be marked on the items in the warehouse.
  • Keep the room well ventilated and equipped with enough fire-fighting equipment and explosion-proof lights.
  • For safe use, grounding should be done. After use, the valve must be closed, and the safety valve must be closed and fastened.
  • Check the effectiveness of the fire alarm device, the pressure of fire water, the reliability of the ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device, etc.
  • Check whether there is leakage (oil level), whether there is tilt, collision, rust, whether the valves, hoses and joints are normal , Whether the pipeline is rusted.
  • The oil storage tank (box) must not have leakage/oil seepage. In case of leakage, sand and bury and dry oil stains.
  • Inflammable and explosive materials are not allowed to be placed in the oil storage room of the diesel generator room, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • The door of the oil storage room of the diesel generator room must be locked and managed by a special person.
  • In case of personnel poisoning by diesel oil, rescue work should be carried out immediately.
  • In the event of a fire, due to the ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device installed in the oil storage room, personnel should evacuate the scene quickly, turn on the ventilation equipment and report to the superior or the fire department to explain the situation.

National standard regulations for oil storage rooms

Fuel supply pipelines for boilers and diesel generators installed in buildings shall meet the following requirements

  • Automatic and manual cut-off valves shall be installed on the pipelines before entering the building and in the equipment room.
  • The oil tank in the oil storage room shall be airtight and shall be equipped with a ventilation pipe leading to the outside. The ventilation pipe shall be provided with a breathing valve with a flame arrester, and the lower part of the oil tank shall be provided with facilities to prevent oil from dispersing.

“Civil Building Electrical Design Standard GB51348-2019” 6.1.10 The installation of oil storage facilities should meet the following requirements:

  • When the fuel source and transportation are inconvenient or there are many units in the machine room and the capacity is large, it is advisable to install an oil storage tank no larger than 15m outside the main body of the building.
  • An oil storage room should be set up in the machine room, and its total storage capacity should not exceed 1m3, and corresponding fire prevention measures should be taken.
  • The daily fuel tank should be arranged at a high position, and the oil outlet is directly higher than the high-pressure fuel injection pump of the diesel engine.
  • The oil unloading pump and the oil supply pump can be shared, and one electric pump and one manual pump should be installed, and the capacity should be determined according to the maximum oil unloading or oil supply volume.
  • Oil storage facilities shall not only comply with this regulation, but also comply with the relevant regulations of the current national standard “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings” GB50016.
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