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The First Local Electric Air Compressor Comes Off the Production Line!

Feb 23, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

At the beginning of 2024, Wuxi Cummins Turbocharging Technology Co., Ltd. will launch new products. On February 1, the first two-stage booster electric air compressor for fuel cells developed by Cummins in China officially rolled off the production line! Wuxi Cummins Turbo Technology mainly produces HOLSET® series turbochargers used in the global commercial vehicle and industrial markets. This product off the production line marks the zero carbon of the HOLSET® brand. The product reaches a new milestone.

CCEC’s First Local Electric Air Compressor Comes Off The Production Line!

Cai Songli, chief engineer of Cummins China Parts Division, Liu Dongliang, general manager of Cummins China Engine Parts Business and other relevant leaders, together with all employees, witnessed this glorious moment on site.

Craftsmanship and quality make the difference. This electric air compressor is equipped with a 45kW high-speed motor with a maximum design speed of 110,000 rpm. It can not only meet the current demand for fuel cell systems of 150kW to 200kW, but also can meet the needs of 240kW to 240kW with the addition of scroll end energy recovery. The use requirements of 260kW fuel cells also have the characteristics of low noise, high speed and high efficiency.

At the same time, the first air compressor test bench was delivered simultaneously, further improving Cummins’ turbocharging technology bench capabilities. The upgraded bench added a two-phase controllable power supply and cooling water system, optimized pipeline connections, and enabled the bench to have testing capabilities such as electric air compressor performance and durability. Later, the bench will be upgraded again to add a separate air-cooling system and expand the range of the vortex end air inlet and pressure end air outlet, so that the bench will have E-turbo performance and durability testing capabilities.

CCEC’s First Local Electric Air Compressor Comes Off The Production Line!-4

Cummins China’s engine parts business continues to innovate and iterate and develop the next generation of fuel cell parts technology. In 2023, it has developed and introduced fuel cell electric superchargers, fuel cell hydrogen injectors, fuel cell ejector and other related parts. , among which the electric supercharger can meet the fuel cell system of 180kW to 200kW, and the hydrogen injector and ejector can meet the fuel cell system of 120-300kW.

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