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SinoGen Introduction

Jul 4, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

About SinoGen

As part of EMAC, SinoGen Power Technology Limited was established in 2013, focusing on diesel generator set manufacturing,owns a 20000 square meter area modern high automated plant,one joint venture in Thailand with our local business partner,and one after-sales service center in Saudi Arabia.With well-educated, international background and experienced operation team,SinoGen can easily understand and respond to customer needs,significantly reduce customer’s communication costs.


SinoGen-Trustworthy Generator Set Brand

As generator set OEM packager of world-class engine and alternator brands, SinoGen able to provide best quality products with best generator components, with affordable Chinese level prices.


High Standard Automated Factory

SinoGen owns a 20000 square meter area modern high automated plant in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province.From most advance laser cutting technology, to the high standard shotblasting treatment, high automated factory is the foundation of high manufacturing standard.

High Quality Materials

From engine to alternator, from controller to electronic components, SinoGen strictly selected every single components using in our generator set, ensuring the high performance, high reliability and high durability of every single unit SinoGen generator set.

Strictly Testing Standard

2 hours multiple loading testing are carried on every single SinoGen product, to ensure that all our products meet technical specifications quality standards and avoid possible hidden defects.


Excellent Management System

From onsite quality control system, to after-sales service system, from internal management system to customer training system, we believe our excellement management system will driving SinoGen to a world-class enterprise.


Well-educated Professional Team

With core business philosohi of “A Promise is A Promiss”, MAC gathering a brilliant well-educated team, from most professional engineering team, to most experienced international sales team, SinoGen delivers our promise via every signal product.

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Sales Team

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Shipping Service

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